Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Brookshire's Sale Highlights

I don't see much of anything too exciting here. If I missed something let me know.

Kroger Sale Highlights

Zucchini squash $0.97lb.

Kroger shredded or bar cheese, 16oz. 2/$6

Smart Balance butter blends 2/$4
11/2 or 9/7rp $1/1 butter blends
Final: $1 each

Albertsons Sale Highlights & 3 Day Sale!!

3 Day Sale:

Campbell's chicken noodle and tomato soups 2/$1

35 pack Best Choice water 2/$7

Albertsons sugar, 4lb. $0.99

Albertsons large eggs $0.99

Rest of ad is B1G1 which we cannot ad match :(

Super One Sale Highlights

Jeno's pizza $0.68

Food Club canned beans or peas 3/$0.99

Jiffy Corn muffin mix 3/$0.99

Premier Mountain water, 24 pack $2.99

Frito Lay Doritos $1.98

Green cabbage 4/$1

Angel Soft, 12 double 2/$10
12/14rp or 11/16rp $0.50/1
Final: $4.50

Sparkle, 8 roll 2/$10

Nabisco snack crackers $1.98
$1/2 here (you have to click on season's savings)

Super One buns $0.78

Food Club shredded cheese 2/$3

Hunt's Ketchup, 24oz. $0.88

Food Club diced tomatoes w/ green chilis 2/$1

Monday, December 22, 2008

Merry Christmas: See you next week!!

I'm taking the week off to spend with my family. I've finished all my shopping and hope to not enter Wal-Mart or CVS for the next few days. Have a wonderful week and remember to thank Him. Sometimes it's hard to remember among all the hustle and bustle that He really is the reason for this season.

Merry Christmas

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Saving Money in a Month of Spending: Part 4, Learn CVSing!!!

I thought I'd include CVSing as my final part or my first series. If you have not started CVSing yet, this is the week to start. Sunday there is a sale that is similar to the Thanksgiving/ Black Friday sale. There are many free items. This is what I got at the Thanksgiving Sale:

Went in with $55ecb - Spent $1 cash and left with $53.50ecb :)

This picture is partly to boast ;) and partly to encourage you to join in for this Sunday and Monday sale. There are a few moneymakers and well worth shopping. Here are the free deals for Sunday and Monday only:

Listerine antiseptic 16.9oz $2.99 get $2.99 (limit 5)
$1/1 in cvs diabetes book
Final: Free & overage

Sally Hansen Lacquer Shine nail Color - $5.99 get $5.99 (limit 2)
9/28SS $.50/1; $3 off 2 Sally Hansen Beauty Book coupon or free sheet of coupons
Final: Free & overage

Arm & Hammer Essentials starter kit - $2.99 get $2.99 (limit 5)
$1/1 here; 12/14SS $1/1
Final: Free & overage

L'Oreal HIP Metallic eye shadow duos - $6.99 get $6.99 (limit 2)
11/2RP $1/1; 10/5RP $2/1
Final: Free & overage

ThermaCare neck to arm heatwrap 1ct - $2.49 get $2.49 (limit 3)
11/30PG $1/1; 12/14PG $1/1
Final: Free & overage

Right Guard Professional solid 1.8oz or aerosol 6oz - $6.00 get $6.00 (limit 5)
$0.50/1 here (register, entering "rightguard" in the code box. You will receive an email with the coupon link - I'm not sure if it is working anymore!); $0.55 off any Right Guard peelies in some cvs stores
Final: Free & overage

Zipfizz energy 3ct - $5.99 get $5.99 (limit 1)

Excedrin Express Gels 20ct - $3.99 get $3.99 (limit 1)
10/19SS; $1 off CRT (you may have received it a week or 2 ago); $3.99 MIR
Final: Free & overage

Alteril sleep aid 30ct - $9.99 get $9.99 (limit 1)

Halls Naturals 25ct - $2.59 get $2.59 (limit 1)
12/7SS $0.50/1
Final: Free & overage

EAS AdvantEdge bar 2.11oz - $1.69 get $1.69 (limit 1)

EAS AdvantEdge shake 4pk - $7.49 get $7.49 (limit 1)

Zantac 150 8ct - $4.99 get $4.99 (limit 1)
$1/1 here; 11/9SS $1/1; 11/9SS $5 Zantac mir
Final: Free & overage

Benefiber drink mix 16ct -$7.29 get $7.29 (limit 1)
11/16SS or 10/19SS $2/1
Final: Free & overage

Iceland Health joint relief 60ct -$29.99 get $29.99 (limit 1)

Slimquick 2pk 4oz total - $4.99 get $4.99 (limit 1)

Sleepinal 32ct - $8.49 get $8.49 (limit 5)

Several of the coupons were found on

Albertsons Sale Highlights

3 Day Sale:

Dozen large eggs $0.99

Albertsons sugar, 4lb. $0.99

Albertsons boneless skinless fryer breast or tenders $1.68lb.

Regular Sale Highlights:

Broccoli bunch $0.79 ea.

Green Giant canned veggies 2/$1

Ocean Spray Cranberry juice 2/$4
12/7RP $0.55/1
Final: $1.45

Frozen honeysuckle white turkey $0.79lb.
(There's $1 coupon I have clipped, but I don't know from which insert, I think it might have been right before Thanksgiving)

Celery 10/$10

Wholly Guacamole 2/$5

Kroger Sale Highlights

2lb. bag mini carrots $1.88

Kroger shredded or block cheese, 8oz. 3/$5

Milk, gallon 2/$5 (Dallas Paper)

Nabisco snack crackers 2/$4
$1/2 here (you have to click on season's savings)
Final: 2/$3

Heinz Homestyle gravy, 12oz. 10/$10
$1/1 here
Final: 3/$2

Life Saver candy 10/$10
10/19SS $1/1
Final: Free

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Kellogg's Coupons

$1 off Kellogg coupons are available again. On my sidebar gadget there are at least 8 different coupons for Kellogg's cereal, including Frosted Mini Wheats ($2.33 at Wal-Mart). You can usually print these twice (may have to refresh page after first print), that's a total of 16 coupons if you want them. On top of that on the boxes of strawberry and blueberry mini wheats (we like them) there is a Kung Fu Panda token. Collect 8 and you can get a Kung Fu Panda blanket for free. You don't even have to pay for S&H. If you play your cards right you can feed your kids this cereal, clip the tokens and send away for it as a Birthday gift. Now that's a deal! :)

Brookshire's Sale Highlights

Green Giant canned veggies 2/$1

Goldenbrook ice cream 3/$9.99

Apples or pears $0.99

Nabisco snack crackers 2/$4
$1/2 here (you have to click on season's savings)
Final: 2/$3

Food Club whipped topping $0.69

Quilted Northern bath tissue, 12 roll double $6
$1 off on sidebar gadget
Final: $5

General Mills Chex cereal 2/$3
$1/2 on sidebar gadget
Final: $1 a box wyb 2

Libby's pineapple $0.68

Edward's pies $4.99
11/9SS $1/2
Final: $8.98 for 2

Super One Sale Highlights

Food Club sugar, 4lb. $0.99

Blue Bell ice cream 2/$7

Gladiola Cornbread Mix 3/$0.99
11/9RP $0.55/2
Final: $0.11/2

Food Club Chicken Broth 3/$0.99

Cook's Shank Portion Ham $0.77lb.

Food Club cream cheese $0.78

Food Club pie crust $1.18

Duncan Hines cake mix $0.88

Food Club whipped topping $0.78

8lb. bag naval oranges $2.98

5lb. bag Washington Delicious apples $2.98

Food Club canned veggies 3/$0.99

Chicken hen $0.67lb.

Food Club butter, 16oz. $1.98

Nestle Toll House semi-sweet morsels $1.88
11/2SS $1.25/2
Final: $2.51 for 2

Chinet paper plates, 12-15ct. $1.98
11/23SS $0.75/1
Final: $1.23

Sunday, December 14, 2008

CVS Highlights ~ Dec. 14-20 ~ 2 Day Sale!!

2 day sale: sunday & monday only!!

Nova max monitor - Get $9.99ecb wyb 1/$9.99 (limit 1)
Final: Free

Earinse seawater rinse 1 oz. - Get $9.99ecb wyb 1/$9.99 (limit 1)
Final: Free

Sleep md 10 ct. - Get $7.99ecb wyb 1/$7.99 (limit 1)

Regular Sale Highlights:

Pepsi 12pk - Get $3 ecb wyb 4/$13 (limit 1)
$1/1 Pepi One here

ST. Ives moisturizers 18 oz. - Get$5 ecb wyb $10 worth (limit 1)

Dove Soap 2pk - Get $1ecb wyb 1/$2.49 (limit 5)
11/2RP $1/1 Dove Face care product (I think it will work)
Final: $0.49

Crest Spinbrush or refills 2 ct. - Get $2 ecb wyb 1/$5.99 (limit 1)
$2/1 here
Final: $1.99

Schick Quattro Razor - Get $3ecb wyb 1/$7.99 (limit 1)
$4 coupon in dec. All You Magazine (find it at Wal-Mart)
Final: $0.99

Excedrin - Get $10 wyb $20 worth
10/19SS $2/1 Back & Body/PM 24 ct.; 10/19SS $2/1 80 ct+

Colgate Total Advance 4oz - Get 2ecb wyb 1/$2.99 (limit 2)

Pantene, Herbal Essence, Infusium, or Head & Shoulders - Get $2ecb wyb1/$5.99 (limit 5)
11/14PG $2/1 Pantene
Final: $1.99 for family-size Pantene

Right Guard, Soft & Dri, Dry Idea - Get $2 ecb wyb 1/2.99 (limit 5)
Final: $0.99

Bayer Contour Meter - Get $5 ecb wyb 1/$14.99 (limit 1)
10/26RP up to $30 off Breeze 2 or Contour Meter $30
Final: Free plus $5 overage

General Mills Offer Spend $20 get $10 ecb (limit)
11/9SS $1/2 General Mills cereals-Basic 4, Chex, Curves, Fiber One, Honey Nut clusters,etc.

Redbox code for Sunday!!

Today's Redbox code is:

12/14/08 - 11MOMS4UA

You can read more on Redbox here.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Saving Money in a Month of Spending: Part 3, Baking to Save

Money Saving Mom always talks about having baking days, but I never got into the swing of things until recently. I very quickly found that it is saving me a lot of time, effort and money. I now try to bake at least once a month. I try to bake bread, rolls and muffins (breakfast), and sometimes breakfast breads but I plan on including waffles next time.

Even if you are not too much into baking, there are also simple ways to save money when it cometo cooking. When you cook a meal such as meatloaf, casseroles or pasta, make a double or triple batch and freeze a meal. I did this during my day of baking and made enough meatloaf cups for two meals and meatballs for two, all out of the same mixture (I use the same recipe for both). I also quadrupled my batch of chicken and broccoli alfredo casserole so I was able to freeze three casseroles and have dinner for that evening.

They looked better after they were cooked. :) It was the first time I did meatloaf in the muffin pans. My family loved it!

Another way of saving money when cooking is to try not to throw anything away. I recently tried to freeze bread without foil and found out very quickly that bread turns hard this way. The whole loaf was not any good to eat, but I hated throwing it away so, "voila!" I made stuffing for Kinsley and I to have for lunch for a few days. Also, I have found that when bananas are going bad and I don't have time or don't want to make muffins right away, I can freeze them. All I do is dice them and put them in one-cup baggies to use for muffins. Tip: They don't look real appetizing after they thaw, but they work great in muffins.
bread stuffing

Is there anything you do in the kitchen to try and save money? How do you keep from throwing things away. Let me know, I would love to hear your ideas.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Saving Money in a Month of Spending: Part 2, Christmas Lights: Cheap Family Fun

What better to do at Christmas than to go look at Christmas lights. My family did this recently. We loaded up the car and drove around town. The whole family loved it, even my 19-month-old was saying"ooh," "ahh," and "pretty." This took about 45 minutes and then we headed home and had hot chocolate and cookies. It was really fun and the family had a great time together.

Our favorite neighborhood in Mt. Pleasant was the neighborhood surrounding Dellwood and going toward Southgate. They had a lot of people who really did an outstanding job this year. Check it out, your family will be sure to enjoy it!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Albertsons Sale Highlights

Albertsons sugar 2/$3

Kraft Cool Whip 10/$10 & JELL-O pudding 4/$2
11/16RP $1 off 2 JELL-O pudding & 1 Cool Whip
Final: $1 for 1 Cool Whip and 2 puddings

Martha White muffin mix $1
11/9RP $0.55/2
Final: $1.45 for 2

Keebler pie crusts 10/$10

Libby's pumpkin 10/$10

Albertsons buns and bread $0.78

Progresso Soup 2/$3
12/7SS $0.50/2 or $1.10/1 here or $1/2 here
Final: As low as $0.40

Planters nuts 2/$5

Kroger Sale Highlights - Free deodorant and candy!!

Del Monte whole pineapple $1.97

Anjour pears 10lb./$10

Red globe grapes w/ seeds 10lb./$10

Oscar Meyer Lunchables 10/$10

Kroger brand breakfast or smoked sausage 10/$10

Fresh baked french bread 10/$10

Kroger black pepper 10/$10

Kroger pasta sauce, 26oz. 10/$10

All laundry detergent $3.49
$1/1 Small and Mighty here or $1/1 Free & Clear here
Final: $2.49

Air wick air freshener 10/$10
$1/2 here (must register)
Final: $1 for 2

Sure Naturals deodorant 10/$10
$1/1 here
Final: Free

Ban invisible solid 2/$3
10/12SS $0.75/1
Final: $0.75

Kroger toaster pastries or oatmeal 10/$10

Challenge spreadable butter 10/$10

LifeSavers, peg bag 10/$10
10/19SS $1/1
Final: Free

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Brookshire's Sale Highlights

Betty Crocker Cake Mix $0.79

Gold Medal flour 2/$3 (limit 2)

C & H sugar, 4lb. $0.99 (limit 1)
11/16RP or 10/12RP $0.35/1
Final: $0.64

Philadelphia cream cheese

Food Club vegetable oil $1.99 (limit 1)

Jello-O pudding 2/$1
11/16RP $1 off wyb 2 Jell-O pudding and 1 Cool Whip

Super One Sale Highlights

Food Club large eggs $0.98

Green Giant boxed veggies $0.78
$1/2 here (must ad match at WM)
Final: $.28 each wyb 2

Fryer Leg quarters, 5lb. bag $0.37lb

Dole Classic salad $0.98

Food Club biscuits 4/$1

Cheerios, Lucky Charms, Wheaties or Reese's Puffs $1.98
11/9SS $1/2 Wheaties; 11/16SS $1/3
Final: As low as $2.96/2 Wheaties

Hatch diced tomatoes w/ green chilies 3/$0.99

4lb. bag oranges $2.98

Monday, December 8, 2008

Saving Money in a Month of Spending: Part One, Free movies

Here it is, my first savings tip. I tried this yesterday for the first time and I love it!! Redbox is the "red box" as you go into Wal-Mart that has a big sign that says,"$1 DVDs." I was always leary of it, but after reading more online I decided to try. It was easy and fast and to top it all off there are free codes. Every Monday you can get a free code online. You can either sign up here at or google it every Monday. since this is an on going thing my husband and I are making Monday's family movie night. We pop popcorn and watch a movie. The best part about it is, that it is free, as long as you turn the movie in by 9pm on Tuesday (if not it is only $1 a day).

The free code for today is:
12/8/08 - 23MJT7

All you do is touch the square on the screen that says "enter promo code" and it will lead you through the rest. You will need to give them a credit or debit card number (just in case you don't return it).
To top it all off during the Month of December and the first week in January you can get an additional free rental on Sunday at any Wal-Mart location of Redbox.

Here are those codes:
12/14/08 - 11MOMS4UA

12/21/08 - 11MOMS4UN

12/28/08 - 11MOMS4UT

01/04/09 - 11MOMS4UA

Do you have any more free entertainment tips for us.

Saving Money in a Month of Spending

My husband and I are taking the month of December and trying to save money. With all the money that is spent on Christmas (dinner, presents, parties), we decided we should go frugal in a few other areas. Over the next week or two I thought I would share a few ways that we are cutting back and economizing and maybe even challenge you to join in and do the same. If you have any ideas to share then comment or email me at I would love to hear them. Stay tuned today for my first frugal idea and tip.

CVS Update!! - Free lip product and free nail polish

Yesterday when I went to CVS I found a stack of coupons next to the ads on the stand. In the sheet of coupons there is a $3/2 Sally Hanson nail polish coupon. Most Sally Hanson nail polish is on clearance for 50% off. I got two for $1.25 each and got them both free. I took two sheets of coupons, but I wouldn't take anymore than that each time you go in. We want CVS managers to look upon us as people who play the game fair. :)

Also, use the $4/1 Maybelline coupon in yesterday's paper and take advantage of the Maybelline b1g1 lipstick sale.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

CVS Highlights - Dec. 7-13

Not much of a week, but here's what I found.

Powerade, 32oz. - Get $1.59ecb wyb 1/$1.59

Energizer batteries - Get $10ecb wyb $20 worth
10/26SS $1/1

Hershey's Candy - Get $10ecb wyb $20 worth (great for stocking stuffers!)
9/14SS $2.50/2 Hershey's Bliss or Reese's Clusters
11/16SS $1.50/3 Hershey's Holiday Candy
11/9SS $1/1 Hershey's dark chocolate
$1/1 Hershey's Bliss here

Huggies - Get $5ecb wyb $25 worth
11/16SS $1 off

Gillette Fusion and Venus refills and razors - Get $5ecb wyb $15 worth

Schick Quattro and Intuition razors for women - Get $4ecb wyb 1/$8.99
12/6 $2 off
Final: $2.99

Theraflu $2ecb wyb 1/$5.99
10/19SS $2/1 and mail-in-rebate
Final: Free after mail in rebate

Thursday, December 4, 2008

A Few Good Coupons on Sidebar

Check out the new coupons on my sidebar gadget. New coupons include:

$0.60/1 Green Giant Steamers ($1 at Wal-Mart = $0.40)
$0.55/1 Bridgford monkey bread ($2.99 at Brookshire's = $2.44)
$1/1 Success Rice (I don't know price anywhere, but this might be worth printing)
$0.60/1 Lipton Knorr Side (On sale regularly for $0.99 = $0.39)
$1/1 Kraft Bagel-fuls ($2 at Wal-Mart = $1) These aren't bad.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Kroger Sale Highlights

Kroger Egg Nog, half gallon 2/$5

Kroger cheese, 16oz. $3.49

Kroger buns $1

Kroger peeled carrots, 16oz $0.99

Mission flour tortillas $1

Healthy Choice Cafe Steamers 5/$10
10/26SS $0.75/1
Final: $1.25 each

Kroger fruit snacks $1

Albertsons - 3 Day and 1 Day Sales!!

Most of the ad is a dud due to a huge B1G1 sale (good if you live near one because you can use two coupons for each deal), but there is a good 4 day and 1 day sale going on.

1 Day Sale: Saturday Only!

12 pack Dr. Pepper, Pepsi, Mt. Dew, or Sunkist $1.99
$1 off Pepsi One here (I think??)
Final: $0.99

Blue Bell, half gallon $2.99
$1 off here (must register first)
Final: $1.99

Albertsons boneless skinless chicken breast $1.48lb.

Albertsons sugar, 4lb. $0.79

4 Day Sale: Thursday - Sunday

Michelina frozen dinners 2/$1

Huggies $7.99
11/16SS $1/1 or $2/2 here
Final: $6.99 each

Angel Soft 4pk $0.99

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Brookshire's Sale Highlights

B1G1 Boneless pork chops, split chicken breast or boneless rump roast

1/2 gallon Food Club Milk $0.99 (w/$10 purchase, limit 2)

Washington apples or pears $0.99lb.

5lb. bag russet potatoes $2

Nabisco Oreo Cookies 2/$4

Goldenbrook Farms Ice Cream 3/$9.99

Betty Crocker fruit snacks 2/$3

Food Club diced tomatoes w/ green chilies 2/$1

Super One Sale Highlights

Pick 5 Meat Sale - Various meats included

Banquet Dinners , 6.6 to 12oz. $0.78

5lb. bag Red Delicious apples $2.98

Food Club shredded cheese, 8oz. 2/$3

Tony Chachere's Dinner Mixes $0.98
11/23SS $0.55/2
Final: $1.41 for 2

Chef Boyardee $0.78

Snack Pack pudding $0.78

Monday, December 1, 2008

Small Vacation, But I'm Back Now.

Sorry about not posting for a week. Today I just started to feel normal after my Thanksgiving Hangover :) After two Thanksgivings, one funeral and cooking for 4 days (not to mention Black Friday), I'll be back tomorrow evening with the usual ad specials. Thanks for being patient with me. See you tomorrow!!

Monday, November 24, 2008

With Thanksgiving just days away thought I'd ask what your favorite part of Thanksgiving Day is. Do you have a favorite recipe you only use on that special day or is it the cute centerpieces your kids make. I love the left overs from Thanksgiving and the quiet time after the meal. It's such a peaceful time, especially if you have the Black Friday ads on your lap and you're making your game plan for 5am the next morning! :)

So what about you, what is your favorite part? Are you especially thankful for anything this day?Also, remember to lift those who have recently lost jobs in this area in your Thanksgiving blessings.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

CVS Highlights - Nov. 23-29

Not much at CVS this week, but they do have a few freebies!!

Maybelline Mineral Power foundation - Get $8.99ecb wyb 1 $8.99 (limit 2)
10/26RP $3/1
Final: Free plus $3 overage

Complete Multi-purpose solution, 12oz. - Get $8.99 wyb 1/$8.99 (limit 5)
10/26RP $1/1
Final: Free plus $1 overage

Kleenex Viva paper towels 8pk. - Get $2ecb wyb 1/$7.49
10/12SS $0.35/1
Final: $5.14

Right Guard Professional Strength deodorant - $7ecb wyb 1/7.99 (limit 5)
Final: $0.99

Dial or Coast bar soap, 2-3pk. $1ecb wyb 1/$1.99 (limit 5)
10/5SS $0.30/1 Dial
Final: $0.70

Crest Spinbrush - Get $2ecb wyb 1/$5.29
$2 off here
Final: $1.29

Monster drinks - Get $1ecb wyb 2/$3
Final: 2/$2

Friday, November 21, 2008

Wal-Mart Black Friday Ad is Out!!!!

Here it is...the ad we've all been waiting for. Well, at least I've been waiting for it. :) Ladies and ganetlemen (if there are any reading my blog) I present to you the Wal-Mart day after Thanksgiving (Black Friday) ad. Click here

Thursday, November 20, 2008


Seems to be a good week for every store this week. Even Walgreens has a few deals worth mentioning for us ad matchers.

Skippy peanut butter, 16.3oz. 2/$3 (Good food pantry item)
11/16 or 10/5RP $0.40/1
Final: $1.10

French's French Fried Onions, 2.8oz $1.29
11/9SS $0.75/1
Final: $0.59

Deerfield Farm cheese 2/$3

Chex Mix $0.99
$1/1 here
Final: Free

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Wal-Mart Thanksgiving Highlights

Wal-Mart has a few highlights worth mentioning this week.

Sweet potatoes $0.25lb.

Green Giant veggies $0.50

Land O Lakes butter, 16oz 2/$4
$0.55 here
Final: $1.45

Campbell's cream soups $0.60
11/9SS $0.25/4 or 10/12SS $0.30/3
Final: As low as $1.50/4

Green Giant Steamers frozen veggies $1
11/16SS or 10/5GM $1/1
Final: free

Kroger Sale Highlights Nov. 19-27

Jennie-O grade A frozen turkey $0.39lb. (cheapest I've seen this week unless you live near Albertsons :( I Don't)

Kroger cheese, 8oz. 3/$5

Milk, gallon 2/$5 (Dallas)

Driscoll's blackberries, 1/2 pint 4/$5

Dreyers 2/$5
$1 in November All You magazine (highly encourage purchasing this magazine)
Final: $1.50

Wish Bone salad dressing, 16oz $1.99
10/5RP $1.25/2
Final: $2.73

Sara Lee and Mrs. Smith's pies 2/$5

Marie Callender's and Edward's pies $4.99

Duracell batteries, 2pk. AA & AAA 10/$10
11/16RP & 10/26RP $0.75/1 (If you have any left after this week's CVS trip ;)
Final: $0.25

Reddi Wip 2/$4
$1/1 December All You magazine
Final: $1

Albertsons - I Hope you live near one!

This can be an awesome week if you live near an Albertsons. They have a Honeysuckle White frozen basted turkey on sale for $0.77lb. with $20 additional purchase. Buy 12lb. turkey for $9.31, use $5 off coupon on back of circular and $1/1 coupon from 11/16 insert and you have a turkey for $3.31. You can't beat that!

For the rest of us who must be content with ad matching at Wal-Mart here are the other highlights:

3 Day Sale:
Asparagus $1.99lb.
Sugar, 4lb. $0.99

Regular Sale Highlights:

Sweet potatoes 2/$1

Green Giant canned veggies 3/$1

Butter, 16oz. 2/$4

Sara Lee fruit pies 2/$5

93% lean ground beef, 3lb. or more $2.99

Celery 10/$10

Marie Callender's pies $4.99

Kraft Salad Dressing, 16oz. 2/$4
11/16SS $1/2
Final: 2/$3

Brookshire's Highlights Nov. 19-27

Green Giant canned veggies 2/$1

Blue Bell Ice Cream 2/$7

Red seedless grapes $0.99lb.

Food Club cream soups, 10.5oz. 2/$1

Gold Medal flour 2/$4

Blue Bonnet quarters $0.69

Super One Highlights Nov. 19-27

Broth basted turkey, Honeysuckle or Riverside $0.57lb.
11/16 $1/1 Honeysuckle White Turkey

Food Club chicken broth 3/$0.99

Black seedless grapes or red globe with seeds $0.98lb.

Food Club sugar, 4lb. $1.18

Betty Crocker Cake Mix $0.78 (limit 3)

10lb. bag of russet potatoes or 5lb. red potatoes $2.99

Food Club canned veggies $0.33

Food Club cinnamon and crescent rolls $1.37

Food Club Cream Cheese $0.87

Food Club cranberry sauce $0.68

Nestle Toll House Morsels $1.88
11/2SS $0.50/1
Final: $1.38

Sara Lee Oven Fresh Pies $2.48

Whole Rotisserie chicken $4.47

Target - I've Spotted a Few Deals!!!

Luvs family-pack diapers $14.99

Reynolds Wrap, 75 sq. ft. $2.50
11/16SS $1/1
Final: $1.50

Ziploc 100ct. sandwich bags $2.50
$0.75 here or $1/2 11/2SS
Final: As low as $1.75 each

Del Monte canned veggies $0.50
11/16RP $1/4
Final: $1 for 4 cans (0.25ea.)

Heinz Home Style Gravy, 12oz. jar $0.79
$1/3 here
Final: $1.37 for 3 jars ($0.46ea.)

Stove Top Stuffing $0.79

Betty Crocker instant potatoes $0.79 (Great food pantry item)
10/5GM $0.35/1 or $0.40here
Final: $0.39-$0.44

10lb. bag Green Giant Russet potatoes $1.99 (I bet you could probably get any brand)

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Swag Bucks.. So far so good/

Well, I'm trying a new company that I heard about from Money Saving Mom. This is not a survey company, but actually a search engine. All you do is search and you earn points. That's it! I earned five points for signing up and doing 1 search. After 45 points I can get a $5 gift card. It shouldn't take long considering I do a few searches a day. Also you can earn additional points by refering people. Hence, me telling you about the company :) So if you want to sign up and want to help me earn a few additional points you can sign up here.

Also, you do not have to give your address or phone number to sign up. So sign up and start searching.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Free Shampoo and Conditioner!!

Banner Ad

I know I have told you about this suvery company before here and here, but I thought I would tell you newbies about this awesome company. This time I recieved shampoo and conditioner. I am to try it for 2 weeks and then get paid to tell them my opinion. How cool is that? So first they give me a product worth $7 and then they pay me to use it. If you want to check out this company click here.

My CVS Success!!!

Although it looked like a pretty bleak weak at CVS this week, I was able to snag some awesome deals. I don't usually share my CVS shopping trips, but this week I could not resist. I spent a total of $6 oop after coupons (I had $5/2 Duracell coupons) and left with $15 more in ecbs than I came in with. All in all it was a $9 moneymaker week and I got all this!

My First Trip to CVS on Sunday
I am most certainly ready for those noisy Christmas toys!

My Monday morning success!!

This is an unadvertised deal. Today I was able to confirm that the Glade scented oil warmers are a part of the Glade deal. I used B1G1 coupons from 11/2 insert. This is what I did:

(2) Glade Twin pack refills $3.99
(1) Glade refill with free warmer $2.99
(3) Scented oil warmers $6.99

Used 3 B1G1 coupons
Total: $11.01
Used $9.99 in ecb & paid $1.01 oop
Received $15ecb
(You could also buy 3 refill with free warmers instead to make $2 more)

Sunday, November 16, 2008

CVS Update!! - Free glass scents scenerio

Buy 4 Glade Glass Scents
(2) 10/12SS B1G1 Glade Glass Scents
Final: Free after ecbs

Buy 4 Glade glass candles
(2) 11/2SS $1.50/2
Final: $2 for 4 candles (after ecbs)

Saturday, November 15, 2008

CVS Highlights - Nov. 16-22

Revlon B1G1 (nail polish $4.49)
8/24SS or 9/14SS $2 /1 Cosmetic
Final: $0.49 for 2 with 2 coupons

Duracell - Get $15ecb wyb $20 worth of products
price are:
$9.99 - 16pk. AA & AAA or 8pk. C & D or 4pk. 9-volt
$5.99 - 8pk. AA & AAA or 4pk. C & D or 2pk. 9-volt
$5/2 tearpads coupons at some CVS stores (not Mt. Pleasant )
10/26RP $0.75/1

L'Oreal Age Perfect Pro-Calcium Radiance Perfector moisturizer - $15.99ecb wyb 1/$15.99
10/19SS $1/1 moisturizer
Final: Free plus $1 overage

Zantrex-3 Insta-shot 2pk.- Get $4.99ecb wyb 1/$4.99
Final: Free

Glade - Get $5ecb wyb $10
various coupons check or here

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Brookshire's Sale Highlights

C&H Sugar $1.29 (limit 2)
10/12RP $0.35/1
Final: $0.94

Duncan Hines Cake Mix
11/9SS $1/1 carrot cake
Final: Free

Free Keebler pie crust wyb 2 Lucky Leaf Pie Filling
$1/2 here

Little Sizzlers pork sausage 10/$10

Food Club whipped topping $0.69

Washington Red Delicious or Northwest Bartlett pears $0.99

New Crop naval oranges $0.79lb.

Zucchini or yellow squash $0.99

Reynold's wrap aluminum foil $2.99
$1/1 here
Final: $1.99

French's French Fried Onions, 6oz. can 2/$5
11/9SS $0.75/1
Final: $1.75 each

Free rotisserie chicken wyb 10 Knorr Lipton sides for $10
10/5RP $0.60/2
Final: $7 for 10 sides and chicken

Kellogg's cereals 2/$4
$1/1 here
Final: $1

Super One Sale Highlights

Food Club large eggs $0.98 (limit 2)

Brawny 8 roll paper towels $5.88
10/5RP $1.50/1 or 11/2RP $0.75/1
Final: As low as $4.38

Quilted Northern 12 double roll
9/21RP $1/1
Final: $4.88

Food Club Sugar, 2lb. $0.88

Grade A broth basted turkey, Honeysuckle or Riverside, $0.47/lb. (limit 1)

Food Club sour cream, 16oz. $1.09

Whole Chicken $0.47/lb. (limit 1)

Kroger - Saturday Sale!!

Saturday Only:

Mini peeled carrots, 16oz. $0.49

Tyson split chicken breast, bone in $0.79lb.

Blue Bell Ice Cream, 64oz. $2.99

Regular Sale Highlights:

There is a great sale that has continued this week. You can see how I cashed in last week here. I am not going to list everything, but here are a few addition coupons:

9/28RP $0.55/1 Hefty
Shout and Pledge here
9/7RP $0.50/1 Quaker Oats
9/21SS $1/1 DanActive

Jennie-O Turkey, $0.39lb. (limit 1)

Romaine lettuce $0.97

Gala apples or Cameo or northwest Bartlett pears $0.97

Kroger Cheese, 8 oz. 3/$5 (Longview ad)

Milk, gallon 2/$5 (Dallas ad)

Hass avacados 2/$1

Albertsons Nov. 12-16

Honeysuckle ground turkey, 1.2lb. package $1.99

Dreyers or Edy's ice cream 2/$5

Iceberg lettuce $0.89

Red potatoes, 5 lb. $2.99

Progresso soup 2/$3
$1.10 here (Thanks, Money Saving Mom)
Final: $0.40 each

Keebler Pecan Sandies 2/$3
9/8RP $0.55/1
Final: $0.95 each

Progresso broth 2/$4
10/5GM $1/1 broth
Final: $1 each

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

More Kellogg's Coupons!!!

I found this $1 off any Kellogg's cereal coupon on this morning. Usually you can only print coupons 2 times, but I have printed four. You may be able to get more than that, but I don't need more than 4, considering I bought 6 boxes of cereal during my last shopping trip. Frosted Mini Wheats are $2.33 at Wal-Mart right now, so after this coupon you can get a box for $1.33. Not bad for good cereal.

Monday, November 10, 2008

I'm Back and I had a GREAT Shopping Trip!!

Although I took a break from blogging this week, I could not resist shopping when I got back from Houston. Kroger had awesome deals this week. Among many things I was able to get Quaker Oatmeal for $0.50 each, Quaker mini rice cakes for $0.50, Ragu for $0.33 a jar, Land O Lake Butter for $1.45 each, Goody's Ouchless hairbands for $0.28, popcorn shrimp for $0.32, 3 things of Colgate toothpaste for free along with free Carnation Evaporated milk.

The thing that tops my list are these Scrubbin' Bubbles automatic shower cleaners for $3.48. They were $13.48 at Wal-Mart and there is a $10 off coupon here.

Here are some of the great coupons I used:

SeaPak Shrimp poppers $1 off here
Goody's Ouchless hair things $2 off here
Land O Lakes Butter $0.55 off here
Carnation Evaporated Milk $1/2 here

Monday, November 3, 2008

See you next week!

Just wanted to let you all know that I am taking the week off. We are leaving for a staff retreat in Houston Thursday morning so I have bunches to do this week. See you early next week.

Possible limit change on toothpaste!!

Yesterday I was able to get 3 of this toothpaste for free and my receipt still says that I can get another. In case you don't have enough coupons to continue to make a profit here is a printable here.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

CVS Highlights - Nov. 2-8

It's not the best week ever...good luck!

Dawn $0.99
11/2 $0.25/1
Final: $0.74

Pantene products - Get 2ecb wyb 3/$9.99
11/2PG $1/1
Final: If you can come up with 3 coupons you can get 3/$4.99

Spend $10 on Hershey products get $5ecbs
9/7SS $1/2 Ice Breakers gum

Pert Plus $2.50
10/19SS $2/1
Final: $0.50

Gillette Fusion razor - Get $5ecb wyb 1/$9.99
In recent PG insert(Probably late Sept. or early Nov.) $4 off expired 10/31, but CVS will still let you use it.
Final: $0.99

Crest Pro Health - Get $3.49ecb wyb 1/$3.49 (limit 1, monthly says limit2)
10/12PG $1/1
Final: Free plus overage

Colgate 360 toothbrush -$2ecb wyb 1/$4.99
10/26SS $0.75/1
Final: $2.24

Always Infinity pads - Get $1ecb wyb 1/$4.99
10/12PG $2/1
Final: $1.99

Nova Max blood glucose monitoring system - Get $9.99ecb wyb 1/$9.99
Final: Free

Pampers - Get $5ecb wyb 2/$20 (limit 1)
10/12PG $1.50/1
Final: 2/$12 if you have 2 coupons

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Brookshire's Highlights Oct. 29 - Nov. 4

Ronzoni Bistro pasta meals, 8oz. 2/$3
9/28SS $1/1
Final: $0.50 each

Pilgrim's Pride boneless skinless chicken breast fillets, 3lb. bag $4.99

Progresso soup 4/$5
9/7GM $0.50/2 or $1.10/1 here
Final: As low as $0.15 each

Super One Highlights Oct. 29 - Nov. 4

Texas grown cabbage 3lbs/$0.99

Jiffy Cornbread mix 3/$0.99

John Morrell $1.47

Valu Time tomato sauce, 8oz. can 5/$1

Valu Time mandarin oranges, 11oz. $0.38

Valu Time foam plates, 150ct. $2.88

15lb. bag russet potatoes $5.98

Food Club tomatoes, 14.5oz 3/$0.99

Albertsons Highlights - Oct. 29 - Nov. 4

3 Day Sale:

Texas Oranges, 4lb. bag $1.69

Washington Red Delicious apples, 3lb. bag $1.69

6 pack Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite or Coke Zero, 16.9oz. 5/$10

Regular Sale Highlights:

Honeysuckle White premium young turkey $0.67lb.

Assorted pork loin end chops, family pack 10lbs/$10

Red globe grapes 10lbs./$10

Large eggs 10/$10

Green or red leaf lettuce 10/$10

Celery 10/$10

Nestle hot cocoa, 10ct. 10/$10
$0.75/1 here
Final: $0.25

Kroger - 8 Hour Sale

October 30th, 4pm - midnight:

Fritos or Cheetos $1.27

M&M's, Mars or Nestle Candy $1.47
9/28RP or 10/12RP $1/2
Final: $0.97 each when you buy two

Oscar Meyer beef, cheese or fat free franks 2/$4

Kroger Buns 2/$1

Big K soda, 2 liter $0.39 (limit 4)

Tombstone pizza $1.99

Hormel meat & cheese party tray $8.99

Regular Sale Highlight:

Kroger cheese, 16 oz. 2/$6

Texas Grapefruit 4/$1

Healthy Choice dinners 5/$10
10/26SS $0.75 off Cafe Steamers
Final: $1.25 each

Starkist tuna, 2.6-6.5oz pouch or can 4/$5
9/7RP or 10/12RP $1/1 Starkist Creations
Final: $0.25 each

Dove Shampoo or conditioner 2/$6
8/17RP $2/1 or 10/12RP $1.50/1
Final: As low as $1 each

Herbal Essences $2.49
10/12PG $3/2
Final: $1.98 for two

Aussie shampoo or conditioner $2.49
10/12PG $1/1
Final: $1.49 each

Monday, October 27, 2008

No CVS This Week

Sorry, but it has been a crazy weekend and it looks like I am not going to get to post CVS deals this week. It also doesn't look as if has been able to post her deals either. For those of you who have not had a chance to do your shopping yet, check out She does a pretty good job coming up with deals. I'll be back with CVS deals next week!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Saturday Savings

I had to purchase a mattress cover this week so I am trying to cut back on my grocery spending. Although I came in $8.54 under budget, I still have a long way to go to make up $35. Oh well, I tried. :) I was very excited about the free tea this week. It was a treat to pick out different flavors. Also, the cookie mixes I can put back for holiday baking.
How did you do this week!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

CVS Delay

I will be leaving tomorrow to go to a women's retreat so I will be out-of-pocket for a few days. Due to this, there may be a slight delay in getting the CVS deals up. I'll get them up as soon as I can. Check for CVS deals Saturday night.

Pray for me, I'm leaving my baby overnight for the first time :( It will be good to get alone with the Lord, but it's always hard.

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Albertsons Highlights - Oct. 22-28

Be sure to pick up Wednesday's edition of the Longview News Journal or Texarkana Gazette if you do not get this ad delivered to your home. As always Wal-Mart ad matches.

Blue Bell Ice cream, pint $0.88 (limit 2)

Birds Eye steamfresh veggies or rice $0.88
10/12SS $0.35/1
Final: $0.53

Hunt's spaghetti sauce $0.88

Pillsbury Cake Mix or brownies $0.88
9/7RP $0.40/1 reduced sugar cake mix or brownie
Final: $0.48

Campbell's cream condensed soups $0.88
10/5Campbells $0.40/2 Healthy Request or $0.40/2 Reduced Sodium
Final: $1.36/2

$0.88 Produce:
large slicing tomatoes
bunch of broccoli
gala apples
sweet potatoes
leaf lettuce
grape fruit
jumbo eggplant
winter squash

$1.88 produce:
2lb. bag of baby carrots
3lb. bag of onions
1lb. bag of peanuts

$2.88 produce:
3lb. bag of apples (Granny, Red or Gala)
5lb. bag of red potatoes
4lb. bag of oranges

Honey Nut Cheerios, 12.25oz. $1.88
$1 off here
Final: $0.88

Trix, 10.7oz $1.88
$0.55 off on sidebar gadget
Final: $1.33

Kroger Sale Highlights Oct.22-28 - Free Tea and deodorant!!!

Be sure to pick up Wednesday's edition of the Longview News Journal or Dallas Morning News if you do not get these ads delivered to your home. As always, Wal-Mart ad matches.

Boneless chicken breast or breast tenders $1.69lb.

Hamburger Helper 10/$10
10/5 or 9/7GM $0.75/3
Final: $2.25 for 3

Kroger shredder or block cheese, 16oz. 2/$6

Red Seedless grapes 10lb./$10

Romaine lettuce 10/$10

Gala apples 10lb./$10

Pepperidge Farm Goldfish 10/$10

Kroger cottage cheese or sour cream, 16oz. 10/$10

Green giant frozen boxed veggies 10/$10
10/5GM or 9/7GM $0.25/1 or $0.50/2 boxed veggie
Final: $0.75 each

Value brand smoked or breakfast sausage 10/$10

Brut deodorant, 2.5oz 10/$10
9/21SS $1/1 brut product
Final: Free

Celestial Seasonings tea $1
10/5SS $1/1
Final: Free

Brookshire's Highlights Oct. 22-28

Chef Boyardee pasta $0.88
10/19SS $0.35/3
Final: $2.29 for 3

Food Club shredded cheese 2/$3

Jumbo red grapes w/seeds $0.99

Kraft Mayo or miracle whip $2.37

Fryer Leg Quarters $0.49lb. (sold in 5lb. bags)

Cabbage $0.44lb.

Fantastik all purpose cleaner $1.99
$1.50 off here
Final: $0.49 (you'll have to ad match at Wal-Mart)

Hatch diced tomatoes with jalapenos or green chilies 2/$1

Sun-Maid raisins mini snacks, 14ct. 3/$3
10/5RP $1/2
Final: $1 for two

Betty Crocker Cookie Mix $1.39
$0.75 off here
Final: $0.64

These are the good deals I see. If you see anything else let us know!

Super One Highlights Oct. 22-28

Little Debbie Snacks $0.88

Pictsweet frozen veggies $0.88

Food Club Oats $0.88

Green bell peppers or cucumbers $0.88

M&M/Mars fun size candy $1.88
10/12 0r 9/28RP $1/2
Final: $2.76 for two

Glade Air Freshener spray $0.78
10/12SS B1G1
Final: 2 for $0.78

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

20 Omaha Steak burgers for $1.98 *Not Working Now*

** Sorry, offer is no longer working**
I just completed an order for 20 burgers and I only paid $1.98. Read this post to find out exactly how. Also, be patient, it took 6 hours for me to get my email from Geico.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Saturday Savings

$40.80...Yes I went over by $0.80, but sometimes you can't resist things.

Meet, things you can't resist. Aren't they adorable and for only $5.

You only have a short period of time when they're young and $5 can make them happy. :) So short, that within 30 seconds she was on to her dad's favorite toy, the remote. Oh well, it was good while it lasted.

Friday, October 17, 2008

CVS Highlights - 2 Day Sale!!

2 day Sale - Sunday and Monday only!!

Pumpkin pail - Get $0.99ecb wyb 1/$0.99 (limit 1)
Final: Free

Brach's pumpkins, autumn mix or candy corn - Get $1.29ecb wyb 1/$1.29 (limit 2)
Final: Free

Funlight 6" smart light - Get $0.99 wyb 1/$0.99 (limit 2)
Final: Free

Regular Sale Highlights:

Fantastik cleaner, 32oz. 2/$5
$1.50 off here
Final: $1

Windex glass cleaner, 26oz. 2/$5
$2 off here
Final: $0.50

Scrubbing Bubbles bathroom cleaner 2/$5
$2 off here
Final: $0.50

Pledge, 12.5oz. 2/$5
$2 off here
Final: $0.50

Sally Hansen lip treatment - Get $3ecb wyb (prices starting at $5.99)
9/28SS $1/1
Final: As low as $1.99

Pert Plus or Sure - Get 5ecb wyb $10 worth of products (limit 1)
8/3SS $1 off Sure; 10/12SS $1/1 Sure; 10/19SS $2/1 Pert Plus

Always Infinity pads - Get $1ecb wyb 1/$4.99 (limit 5)
10/12PG $2/1
Final: $1.99

Spend $25 get $10ecb: (limit 1)
Huggies diapers ($9.99) 9/28SS $1/1
Q-Tips ($2.49)
Johnson's baby products ($2.99) 9/14SS $3/3
Huggies or Playskool wipes ($2.79) 8/24SS $0.50/1 Huggies
Similac ($23.99) 10/12SS $1/1
Gerber foods (25% off)

G.U.M. Butler toothbrush, 2pk. - Get $3.99ecb wyb 1/$3.99 (limit 5)
8/3RP $0.75/1
Final: Free plus $0.75 overage per 2pk.

Just for Men Touch of Gray - Get $7.99 wyb 1/$7.99
$2 off here
Final: Free plus $2 overage

Dove deodorant $1.99
10/12RP $1.50/2
Final: $2.48 for 2

Listerine Whitening pen - Get $5ecb wyb 1/$9.99 (limit 5)
9/28RP $3/1 or $2 off
Final: $1.99

Listerine Agent Cool Blue - Get $3ecb wyb 1/$4.49 (limit 5)
10/5RP $0.50/1 or $1 off
Final: As low as $0.49

Oral-B Advantage floss picks, 90ct. - Get $2ecb wyb 1/$3.99 (limit 3)
8/3RP $0.55/1
Final: $1.44

Colgate MaxFresh toothpaste - Get $2ecb wyb 1/$2.99
9/28SS $1/1
Final: Free

Excedrin 20-24ct $1.99
10/19SS $2/1 Back and Body or $2 off here
Final: Free

Buy 2 products get $5ecb:
Tylenol PM, Rapid Release, 40-50ct. ($6) 9/14RP $2/1 RR or 9/7RP $2/1 PM
Children's Tylenol or Motrin ($6) 9/14SS $3/3
Motrin, 50ct. ($7) 10/5RP $1/1
Mylanta liquid or tablet ($6) 10/5RP $1/1
Pepcid ($10) 8/24RP $2/1; 10/5RP $1/1

Powerade - Get $1.69ecb wyb 1/$1.69
7/13SS $1/1; 6/8SS $0.75/1
Final: Free plus overage

This is an awesome week so have fun! Possible Moneymakers = $6.75 + lots of free or almost free items!!!

Here's a makeup giveaway you can check out!!

I found this giveaway on a viewer's site. (Thanks, Tami) It is a 100th post giveaway. The giveaway includes select Covergirl and Revlon cosmetic products. Click here to check it out .

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

$1 off Kellogg's Cereal Coupon

Hey, I just noticed that there are three separate $1 off Kellogg's cereal coupons on my sidebar gadget. I don't know how long they will be there, but I was able to print five and it looks as if I can print a few more (after you print first set you have to refresh my page for others to reappear). Usually you can only print two. The expiration date is 11/14/08 so you have a month to use them. I've seen this cereal for $1.50-$2 regularly. Maybe you can get a good deal. The coupon is for any box 10oz and larger.

Let us know if you find a good deal!!

Kroger Sale Highlights Oct.15-21

Remember to pick up Wednesday's edition of Dallas Morning News or The Longview News Journal if you do not get this circular delivered to your home. As always, Wal-Mart ad matches.

Campbell's Red & White Condensed soup 10/$10
9/21SS $0.40/2 (excluding tomato & Creams); 10/5Campbell's $0.50/2 Healthy Request
Final: As low as $1.50/2

Milk (Dallas Kroger ad) 2/$5

Blue Bell Ice Cream, gallon $3.99
$1 here when you sign up for their newsletter
Final: $2.99

M&M's, Mars or Nestle Candy $1.88
10/12RP or 9/28RP $1/2 M&M or Mars, 10/12SS $1/3 Nestle or $1/1 Nestle here
Final: As low as $.88 each

Kroger Shredded Cheese 3/$5

Fresh Broccoli Bunch 10/$10

Driscoll's Strawberries or raspberries 2/$3

Brut deodorant $1
9/21SS $1/1
Final: Free

These are the deals I see. Comment and let me know if you see something else.

Albertsons - B1G1 Bummer!!

Well, if you have an Albertsons store nearby this could be an awesome week for you. Virtually the entire circular is B1G1. You can use two coupons per deal. Ex. B1 for $ 3 G1 free, use two $0.75 coupon and get both for $1.50. For those of us who ad match we cannot cash in on any of these deals because Wal-Mart does not ad match B1G1 deals. There is a 3 day sale, but I didn't see anything worth buying a paper for. Better luck next week.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Brookshire's Highlights Oct. 15-21

M&M/Mars or Nestle Fun Size Candy 2/$4
10/12SS $1/3 Nestle; 10/12RP or 9/28RP $1/2 M&M/Mars; $1 here
Final: As low as $1 a bag

Split Chicken Breast $0.99lb.
Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa Mix, 10ct. $0.99

Duncan Hines Cake Mix $0.99
10/12SS $0.75 off cake mix and frosting

Kraft Barbecue sauce $0.68

Garden fresh fall squash, $0.99lb.

Nature's Goodness baby food, 4oz. jars $0.35

There are lots of buy this get this deals going this month. Maybe you can find some good coupons and make a go of this. Let us know if you find some good deals.

Super One Highlights Oct. 15-21

Hot Pockets $o.99 (limit 4)
9/28RP $0.50/1
Final: $0.49

Scott Paper towels, long lasting 4 pack $4.98
9/14SS $1 off
Final: $3.98

Red globe grapes w/ seeds $0.98lb.

Northwest Jonagold apples or Northwest Golden Bosc Pears $0.98lb.

Food Club ketchup, 24oz. $0.78

Michelina Budget Gourmet meals $0.78

Tostitos $1.78

Hershey's or Nestle Candy, 10.29 to 12.5oz. $1.88
10/12SS $1/3 Nestle or $1/1 here
Final: As low as $0.88

Stroller giveaway!!

I found this website where they are giving away a Chicco Trevi twin stroller. Go here to read the details.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Great Cleaning Product Coupons!!

I stumbled upon this page of cleaning product coupons. Some are really good. I printed the shout coupon. Click here to print coupons.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

CVS Highlights Oct. 12-18

Mars Candy 2/$3
9/28RP $1/2 Mars or M&M's bagged candy; 10/12RP $1/2
Final: $1 a bag wyb 2

All Revlon face, eye. lip, nail or beauty tools
9/14SS $2/1; 9/14SS $1/1 beauty tool; 8/24SS $2/1; 10/12SS $1/1
Final: As low as $1 for two nail polishes when you use two coupons

Gatorade, Sobe or Propel - Get $2ecb wyb 5 (limit 1)
Final: 5/$2

All Detergent B1G1 ($7.50ea. $5.50 for two)
8/17RP $1/1; Check your past All You magazines for one
Final: As low as $5.50 for two with two coupons

Nestle Pure Life 24pk. water - Get $1ecb wyb 1/$4.49 (limit 5)
8/3RP $1/1
Final: $2.49

Campbell's Select Harvest soup 4/$5
10/5Campbell's $0.50/1; 9/14SS $0.50/1
Final: $1 each wyb 2

Swiffer Products - Get $5ecb wyb $10 (limit 1)
9/28PG Buy Swiffer Starter Kit get Swiffer Duster for free

Covergirl - Get $3ecb wyb $10 ($3.99 lip gloss & eye shadow; $5.99 lash blast) (limit 1)
There's an expired coupon for lip gloss B1G1 (P&G); 10/12 $1/1
Final: With coupon (1 B1G1 & 2 $1 off ) 3 lip glosses for $3

Skin Vitals Mask - Get $2ecb wyb 1/$2.99 (limit 5)
Final: $0.99

Dove - Get $3ecb wyb $10 select Caress & Dove products (limit 1)
$10/12RP $1.50 off shampoo, body wash or 2 deodorants

John Frieda - Get $5ecb wyb $15 (limit 1) (prices starting at $5.69)
8/24SS $3/, 10/22SS $1/1

Colgate Total - Get $2ecb wyb 1/$3.49 (limit 2)
9/28SS $0.75; Check your All You Magazines for $1.50 off; 10/12SS $1/1
Final: $0.74, Free , or $0.49

Tampax 40ct. with free Venus razor - Get $3ecb wyb 1/$5.99 (limit 1)
10/12RP $0.50/1
Final: $2.49

Always Infinity - Get $1ecb wyb 1/$3.99 (limit 5)
10/12 $2/1
Final: $1.99

These are the good deals I see. Let us know if you see something else.

Saturday Savings

Sorry, there's no picture this week. Not only is the battery dead on my camera, but with my baby and myself not feeling good it was all we could do to get the groceries put away.

There wasn't much to show this week anyway. I spent $38.20, but I mainly got necessities we were running out of. Things like flour, yeast (expensive!!), trash bags, juice, etc. However, I did get a few sale items like the Yoplait Whips, plums, and $0.75 cereal from Super One!! I also got 4 more Green Giant Steamers, 2 worcestershire sauces and 4 Kotex pads. Hopefully next week will go better.

How'd you do?

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Free Kotex Pads!!!

Click here for $1 off coupon for Kotex pads. Use this on Kotex pads priced at $1 at Wal-Mart. You can Print two.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Kroger Sale Highlights Oct.8-14

Driscoll's strawberries, 16oz. 2/$3

Boneless chicken breast or tenders $1.67lb.
Mission Fajita Grande four tortillas 10/$10

Kroger shredded cheese 3/$5

Hot pockets 3/$5
9/28RP $0.50/1; 8/24RP $0.75/1 Panini
Final: As low as $0.92 for Panini

Yoplait Yogurt, 4-6oz 10/$5
$0.60/3 Yoplait Whips on my sidebar gadget
Final: $0.90 for 3

Romaine Lettuce $0.97

Golden Delicious or fuji apples $0.97lb.

Pillsbury Grands or Hungry Jack biscuits 10/$10
10/5GM $0.30/2 or $0.50/2 on sidebar gadget
Final: As low as $1.50 for 2

Progresso Light soups 4/$5
10/5GM $0.50/2 or $1/3 here
Final: As low as $2.75 for 3 cans

Kroger salad dressing, 16oz. $0.99

Dannon Light & Fit, 4 pk. 2/$4
7/20SS $1/1
Final: $1

Albertsons Highlights - Oct. 8-14

Not such a great week at any of the stores this week. Here are the deals I saw, but I didn't find any great coupon match ups for this ad. Sorry, better shopping next week.

3 Day Sale:

Albertsons fresh boneless, skinless fryer breasts or tenders $1.68lb.

Red, Granny Smith or Gala apples 4lb./$5

6pk. bottles of Coke, Sprite or Dr. Pepper 4/$10

Michelina Dinner Entrees 2/$1

Hershey's Candy 7.6 - 22oz. $1.99

Regular Sale Highlights:

Prima peaches 4lbs./$5

Dreyer's or Edy's ice cream, half gallon 2/$5

Albertsons real cream topping, 7oz (aerosol) 10/$10

Albertsons brown sugar, 2lb. 10/$10

Albertsons flour, 5lb. 2/$3

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Brookshire's is Doubling and Tripling Coupons

From 4-10pm Thursday evening Brookshire's is having another Moonlight Madness Sale. During this sale there are a few items that will be on sale (nothing exceptional in my opinion), but they will also triple coupons up to $0.39 and double up to $0.50. Worth checking out!

3-Day Sale Highlights:

$4.99 Tyson boneless skinless 40oz. bag

Foster Farm chicken, 20 to 28oz bag $3.99
$1.50/2 on my sidebar gadget
Final: $6.48 for 2

Regular Sale Highlights:

$3.99 Pilgrim's Pride boneless skinless thighs, 3 lb. bag $3.99

Food Club jumbo biscuits, 8ct. $0.99

California strawberries 2/$4

GM cereal 2/$4
10/5 or 9/7GM $1/3 or various on sidebar gadget or several here or $1 off Honey Nut here
Final: As low as $1 on Honey Nut Cheerios

Sugar Tree red plums $0.99

Garden fresh lettuce $0.99

*There is a coupon in the circular for $3/2 adult Tylenol products*