Monday, November 24, 2008

With Thanksgiving just days away thought I'd ask what your favorite part of Thanksgiving Day is. Do you have a favorite recipe you only use on that special day or is it the cute centerpieces your kids make. I love the left overs from Thanksgiving and the quiet time after the meal. It's such a peaceful time, especially if you have the Black Friday ads on your lap and you're making your game plan for 5am the next morning! :)

So what about you, what is your favorite part? Are you especially thankful for anything this day?Also, remember to lift those who have recently lost jobs in this area in your Thanksgiving blessings.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!


Beth said...

One part of thanksgiving that i enjoy is waking up to the smell of cooking turkey. My mom would cook it all night. Now my family and I arrive at her house early and the same smell is present. We all watch the parades on tv then enjoy a wonderful meal.

JustMe said...

My favorite part is the pumpkin pie. I have to eat it with whip cream from a tub-not a can. The entire piece of pie needs to be covered with at least a 2in. thick layer of whip cream all around.....the hard part is I have 2 pies in front of me right now that I baked earlier and one still in the oven.........will I eat some or not???????