Friday, November 21, 2008

Wal-Mart Black Friday Ad is Out!!!!

Here it is...the ad we've all been waiting for. Well, at least I've been waiting for it. :) Ladies and ganetlemen (if there are any reading my blog) I present to you the Wal-Mart day after Thanksgiving (Black Friday) ad. Click here

Thursday, November 20, 2008


Seems to be a good week for every store this week. Even Walgreens has a few deals worth mentioning for us ad matchers.

Skippy peanut butter, 16.3oz. 2/$3 (Good food pantry item)
11/16 or 10/5RP $0.40/1
Final: $1.10

French's French Fried Onions, 2.8oz $1.29
11/9SS $0.75/1
Final: $0.59

Deerfield Farm cheese 2/$3

Chex Mix $0.99
$1/1 here
Final: Free

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Wal-Mart Thanksgiving Highlights

Wal-Mart has a few highlights worth mentioning this week.

Sweet potatoes $0.25lb.

Green Giant veggies $0.50

Land O Lakes butter, 16oz 2/$4
$0.55 here
Final: $1.45

Campbell's cream soups $0.60
11/9SS $0.25/4 or 10/12SS $0.30/3
Final: As low as $1.50/4

Green Giant Steamers frozen veggies $1
11/16SS or 10/5GM $1/1
Final: free

Kroger Sale Highlights Nov. 19-27

Jennie-O grade A frozen turkey $0.39lb. (cheapest I've seen this week unless you live near Albertsons :( I Don't)

Kroger cheese, 8oz. 3/$5

Milk, gallon 2/$5 (Dallas)

Driscoll's blackberries, 1/2 pint 4/$5

Dreyers 2/$5
$1 in November All You magazine (highly encourage purchasing this magazine)
Final: $1.50

Wish Bone salad dressing, 16oz $1.99
10/5RP $1.25/2
Final: $2.73

Sara Lee and Mrs. Smith's pies 2/$5

Marie Callender's and Edward's pies $4.99

Duracell batteries, 2pk. AA & AAA 10/$10
11/16RP & 10/26RP $0.75/1 (If you have any left after this week's CVS trip ;)
Final: $0.25

Reddi Wip 2/$4
$1/1 December All You magazine
Final: $1

Albertsons - I Hope you live near one!

This can be an awesome week if you live near an Albertsons. They have a Honeysuckle White frozen basted turkey on sale for $0.77lb. with $20 additional purchase. Buy 12lb. turkey for $9.31, use $5 off coupon on back of circular and $1/1 coupon from 11/16 insert and you have a turkey for $3.31. You can't beat that!

For the rest of us who must be content with ad matching at Wal-Mart here are the other highlights:

3 Day Sale:
Asparagus $1.99lb.
Sugar, 4lb. $0.99

Regular Sale Highlights:

Sweet potatoes 2/$1

Green Giant canned veggies 3/$1

Butter, 16oz. 2/$4

Sara Lee fruit pies 2/$5

93% lean ground beef, 3lb. or more $2.99

Celery 10/$10

Marie Callender's pies $4.99

Kraft Salad Dressing, 16oz. 2/$4
11/16SS $1/2
Final: 2/$3

Brookshire's Highlights Nov. 19-27

Green Giant canned veggies 2/$1

Blue Bell Ice Cream 2/$7

Red seedless grapes $0.99lb.

Food Club cream soups, 10.5oz. 2/$1

Gold Medal flour 2/$4

Blue Bonnet quarters $0.69

Super One Highlights Nov. 19-27

Broth basted turkey, Honeysuckle or Riverside $0.57lb.
11/16 $1/1 Honeysuckle White Turkey

Food Club chicken broth 3/$0.99

Black seedless grapes or red globe with seeds $0.98lb.

Food Club sugar, 4lb. $1.18

Betty Crocker Cake Mix $0.78 (limit 3)

10lb. bag of russet potatoes or 5lb. red potatoes $2.99

Food Club canned veggies $0.33

Food Club cinnamon and crescent rolls $1.37

Food Club Cream Cheese $0.87

Food Club cranberry sauce $0.68

Nestle Toll House Morsels $1.88
11/2SS $0.50/1
Final: $1.38

Sara Lee Oven Fresh Pies $2.48

Whole Rotisserie chicken $4.47

Target - I've Spotted a Few Deals!!!

Luvs family-pack diapers $14.99

Reynolds Wrap, 75 sq. ft. $2.50
11/16SS $1/1
Final: $1.50

Ziploc 100ct. sandwich bags $2.50
$0.75 here or $1/2 11/2SS
Final: As low as $1.75 each

Del Monte canned veggies $0.50
11/16RP $1/4
Final: $1 for 4 cans (0.25ea.)

Heinz Home Style Gravy, 12oz. jar $0.79
$1/3 here
Final: $1.37 for 3 jars ($0.46ea.)

Stove Top Stuffing $0.79

Betty Crocker instant potatoes $0.79 (Great food pantry item)
10/5GM $0.35/1 or $0.40here
Final: $0.39-$0.44

10lb. bag Green Giant Russet potatoes $1.99 (I bet you could probably get any brand)

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Swag Bucks.. So far so good/

Well, I'm trying a new company that I heard about from Money Saving Mom. This is not a survey company, but actually a search engine. All you do is search and you earn points. That's it! I earned five points for signing up and doing 1 search. After 45 points I can get a $5 gift card. It shouldn't take long considering I do a few searches a day. Also you can earn additional points by refering people. Hence, me telling you about the company :) So if you want to sign up and want to help me earn a few additional points you can sign up here.

Also, you do not have to give your address or phone number to sign up. So sign up and start searching.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Free Shampoo and Conditioner!!

Banner Ad

I know I have told you about this suvery company before here and here, but I thought I would tell you newbies about this awesome company. This time I recieved shampoo and conditioner. I am to try it for 2 weeks and then get paid to tell them my opinion. How cool is that? So first they give me a product worth $7 and then they pay me to use it. If you want to check out this company click here.

My CVS Success!!!

Although it looked like a pretty bleak weak at CVS this week, I was able to snag some awesome deals. I don't usually share my CVS shopping trips, but this week I could not resist. I spent a total of $6 oop after coupons (I had $5/2 Duracell coupons) and left with $15 more in ecbs than I came in with. All in all it was a $9 moneymaker week and I got all this!

My First Trip to CVS on Sunday
I am most certainly ready for those noisy Christmas toys!

My Monday morning success!!

This is an unadvertised deal. Today I was able to confirm that the Glade scented oil warmers are a part of the Glade deal. I used B1G1 coupons from 11/2 insert. This is what I did:

(2) Glade Twin pack refills $3.99
(1) Glade refill with free warmer $2.99
(3) Scented oil warmers $6.99

Used 3 B1G1 coupons
Total: $11.01
Used $9.99 in ecb & paid $1.01 oop
Received $15ecb
(You could also buy 3 refill with free warmers instead to make $2 more)

Sunday, November 16, 2008

CVS Update!! - Free glass scents scenerio

Buy 4 Glade Glass Scents
(2) 10/12SS B1G1 Glade Glass Scents
Final: Free after ecbs

Buy 4 Glade glass candles
(2) 11/2SS $1.50/2
Final: $2 for 4 candles (after ecbs)