Saturday, September 27, 2008

Saturday Savings -- How did you do this week?

Well, I went over the amount I try to stay under every week ($40), but I just couldn't help it. They had some good deals that I was able to stock up on. My kids love these granola bars and we enjoy putting olives on pizza, tacos, salads, etc. All in all I thought it was a pretty successful trip even though my cashier at Wal-Mart politely asked me not to come in her line again because my coupons give her trouble. Oh well, you win some and you lose some ;)

How did you do this week? Did you find any unbelievable deals that will make us all jealous?

CVS -- Begins Sunday, Sept.28-Oct. 4

Buy $20 worth of participating products, get Iron Man DVD for $9.99. Products include:
Dawn ($0.99); 9/28PG $0.25/1
Duracell ($5.99); 8/31PG $0.75/1
Pringles ($0.99); 8/31PG $0.30/3
Secret deodorant(2/$5); 8/31PG $1/2; 9/14PG $1/2
Old Spice deodorant (2/$5) 8/31PG $1/2
Tide($4.99); 9/28PG $1/1
Crest (2/$4.50); 9/28PG $1/2
Pantene ($3.33); 9/28PG $1/1
Always pads (2/$6) 8/31PG $0.50/1
Charmine ($6.99); 9/28PG $0.25/1
Nice & Easy ($4.95)

Rice Krispie treats or pop-tarts 3/$5
8/3Kelloggs $1/2 on pop-tarts; 8/3Kellogg's $1/2
Final: $1.17ea. when you buy 2

Get 5ecb when you buy $15 worth of participating Nestle products:
Nestle Singles (2/$1)
Nestle fun size candy (2/$5)
Nestle 100ct. candy ($9)
Ozarka (2/$5) 8/24RP several Ozarka coupons
Nestle theater candy($1)
Haagen-Dazs, Dibs or Drumsticks ($4)
Hot Pockets (2/$6) 9/28RP $0.50/1
Lean Cuisine (2/$6)
Dreyers (2/$9)

Febreze Noticeables $6.99
8/31PG $5/1; 9/28PG $5/1
Final: $1.99

Get $5ecb when you buy $15 worth of participating Scotch 3M products
Scotch mailing tape (2/$5)
Scotch masking or duct tape ($3.99)
Scotch paper cutter or packaging tape ($5)
post-it notes (2/$5)
Scotch-Brite sponge (2/$5) 9/21RP $1/2
Scotch mailing envelope (3/$5)
moving or storage box (3/$5)
photo document mailer (3/$5)
3M adhesive hook (2/$5)
3M lint brush or roller(2/$5)

All Sunsilk Buy 2/$7 and get $2ecb (limit 2)
8/17RP $1.50/1 shampoo or conditioner; 8/17RP $1.50/1 styling product
Final: $2 for 2

Get $1.50ecb wyb Stayfree or Carefree for $4.49 each (limit 1)
9/28PG $1/2 Carefree; $2/2 Stayfree
Final: $2.99 without coupon

Gillette Fusion Razor, Get $5ecb wyb one for $9.99 (limit 1)
9/28PG $4 off
Final: $0.99

Gillette Venus Razor, Get $3ecb wyb one for $9.99
Final: $6.99

Lady Speed Stick Clinical Proof, Get $2ecb wyb one for $6.99
9/28SS $1.50 off
Final: $3.49

CVS boxed diapers, 52-60ct., Get $2ecb wyb one $14.99
Final: $12.99

Gillette shampoo or conditioner, Get $2ecb wyb 2/$9
9/28PG $2 off one
Final: 2/$3 w/2 coupons

Covergirl Clean liquid makeup, Get $5.49 wyb one for $5.49
9/21PG Free face product wyb any foundation; 9/21PG $1 any Covergirl
Final: Free plus overage and free face product when you use both coupons

Colgate Total and Cavity protection toothpaste, 360 or active angle toothbrush, Get $2 wyb 2/$5
9/7SS $0.75 off one Colgate toothpaste; 9/28SS $0.75/1 toothpaste
Final: 2/$1.50

Gillette Disposable razors $4.99
8/31PG $2/1 Venus, Mach 3, Daisy 3 or Sensor 3 disposable razors
Final: $2.99

Softsoap liquid hand soap $0.99
9/28PG $0.35/1
Final: $0.64

Thanks to taylortownpreview and couponmom for helping me with these coupon match ups.

Friday, September 26, 2008

My Favorite Survey Company!!!

I told you I would share more on some good survey companies. Today I am sharing my favorite one, This one is great because I get 5-8 surveys a week and I usually qualify for one-third of them. This may not seem like much but at an average of $2 per survey it can add up. It's nice to get a check every month just for spending a few minutes a week answering questions. I couldn't figure out how to put a link in this post, but if you want to try out there is a advertisement for it directly under my profile. Later I will move it down, but for convenience sake I will leave it where it is for a few days.

Remember survey companies should not ever ask for $$$ up front. If they do try another one.

Truth or Dare: Does pasta freeze well??

The truth is I have not dared to do this yet, because I would hate to waste a good meal if it did not turn out.

We have quite a few expecting women in our fellowship and I try to cook meals for their family after their babies are born. The main meal I cook is a mexican casserole that has corn tortillas, cheese, chicken and a few sauces (hence all the enchilada sauce I keep buying). I make this because it freezes well. The only problem is, it is a bit spicy and I know that sometimes nursing babies can't handle the spice. So to get back to the subject, I also make a chicken alfredo casserole that is wonderful, but I don't know how well the pasta freezes. I want to make sure whatever meal I send can be frozen just in case they are overwhelmed with generous people bringing food.

So, has anyone dared to freeze pasta and how did it turn out? Also, if you have some alternative recipes that are great to take to families in this situation let me know. I'm sure my readers would be glad to get some knew recipes.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

CVS sales will begin on Sundays!

I will not be posting CVS deals today. According, to a store manager in Mt. Pleasant and the weekly circular, sales dates are moving back to Sundays for the time being. So check back Friday or Saturday for the deals that will begin this Sunday.

Hidden Deal!!

I went to Wal-Mart today for my weekly shopping trip (I'll post picture later) and I found a hidden deal.

Starkist Creations Pouch $1.58
9/7RP $1 off
Final: $0.58

Let us know if you found a great deal when you went to Wal-Mart this week.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Kroger Highlights Sept. 24-30

If you don't get this ad delivered to you be sure to pick up today's Longview News Journal or Dallas Morning News. As always, if you don't have a store near you, Wal-Mart ad matches.

Springdale Milk 2/$6 (Dallas only)

Kroger shredded cheese, 6-8oz. 3/$5

Red seedless grapes 10lbs./$10

Kroger sour cream, cottage cheese or dip, 16oz. $1

Land O Lakes spreadable butter, 8oz 10/$10
8/24SS $0.50
Final: $0.50

Ballpark hotdogs, 16oz 10/$10
8/24RP $1/2
Final: $0.50

Bartlett Pears 10lb./$10

Healthy Choice Simple Selections & Marie Callender's pot pie $1ea. (wyb 10)

Kroger Saltines $0.88

Kroger cereals, oatmeal, fruit bars and chewy granola bars $1 (wyb 6)

Naval Oranges 2/$1

Old El Paso Taco Shells, 12ct. $1
8/10GM $1/2
Final: $0.50

Aquafresh toothpaste $1
9/7SS $0.50 off or $1 off & $.75 off Aquafresh Advance here or here
Final: $0.50 or Free or $0.25

Albertsons Sept. 24-30

Remember if you don't get this flyer mailed to you than make sure you pick up today's Longview News Journal or Texarkana Gazette. As always, if you do not have one of these stores around, Wal-Mart ad matches.

Buy 10 and get these items for the following prices:

Green Giant canned veggies
Pasta Roni
Rice A Roni
6/8SS $0.75; 7/13SS $1.00 (I was able to get two)
Red Gold tomatoes
$0.50/2 coupons at Super One in Mt. Pleasant (Next to Red Gold)
Albertsons olives
Albertsons mustard
Birds Eye frozen veggies, 12-16oz

Hamburger Helper
9/7GM & 8/10GM $0.75/3
Albertsons picante sauce, 16oz.
Albertsons bread
Armour treet
Albertsons pasta sauce, 26oz.
Albertsons noodles, 16oz.
Albertsons butter, 8oz.
Albertsons sour cream, 16oz

Albertsons pie crust
KC Masterpiece BBQ sauce
Promised Land Milk, 32oz.
Lean Cuisine Dinner Entrees, 5.25-10.38oz
Progresso Soup
9/7GM $0.50/1 or print $1.10/3 on my gadget on the side :)
Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks
8/10GM $0.50/2

General Mills cereal, various
8/17SS $1.50/3; 9/7GM $1/3 or print several different ones from sidebar gadget
Home Maker Orange Juice, 64oz.
Ore Ida frozen potatoes
Kraft Mac & Cheese crackers
Tony's Original Pizza
Lean Cuisine Dinner Entree, 7.5-10.5
Smart Ones Dinner Entree, 6-11oz.
Prego pasta sauce, 48oz

Regular Sale Highlights:

Dreyers or Edy's ice cream 2/$5

Large Cantaloupe 4/$5

Albertsons boneless, skinless fryer breasts $1.99lb.

American Fresh 93% lean ground beef, 3lb. or more $2.99lb.

Old El Paso Enchilada Sauce 10/$10
8/10GM $1/2
Final: $0.50

Green Giant Steamers w/sauce 2/$3 (Reg. price at Wal-Mart without sauce $1.23)
9/7GM $1/1

Arm & Hammer deodorant, 2.5-2.8oz. $1

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Brookshire's Highlights Sept. 24-30

Free Starkist Tuna, Mt. Olive Relish & Brookshire's bread wyb Hellman's Mayonnaise for $3.59 8/17 -- RP $1/2 Hellmann's mayonnaise

Pilgrim's Pride Whole Chicken $0.79

Top Care cold/flu relief, 10oz. $1.99

Top Care sinus meds, 20ct. $1.49

Top Care children's cold & allergy elixir, 8oz. $1.69

Top Care tussin, 4oz. $1.29

Sunbeam buns $0.99

Royal Gala, Golden Delicious or Granny Smith apples 5lb./$5

Quaker Instant Oatmeal, 11.8-15oz. 2/$4
9/7RP $1/1 High Fiber oatmeal; 9/7RP $1/2 any variety
Final: $1 for High Fiber; $1.50 for 2 other

Dole Salads, 12oz. 2/$3
9/14SS $0.50/1 Distinctively Dole Salad (If these are on sale)

Lysol toilet bowl cleaner, 24oz 2/$4
8/17SS & 9/7SS $0.50/1 toilet bowl cleaner
Final: $1.50

Little Sizzler sausage links $1

Old El Paso enchilada sauce $0.99
8/10GM $1/2
Final: $0.50 each

Quaker Oatmeal to Go breakfast bars & cookies 2/$4
9/7RP $0.55/1 Oatmeal to Go
Final: $1.45 Oatmeal to Go bars

Food Club saltines $0.88/

Super One Highlights for Sept. 24-30

Food Club orange juice, gallon 2/$5

Fryer Leg Quarters $0.47lb.

Washington Red Delicious apples $0.98

Bag of yellow onions, 3lb. $0.98

Tony's Pizza $1.99

Food Club tomato or chicken noodle soup 3/$0.99

Jiffy Cornbread mix 3/$0.99

Cucumbers 2/$1

Food Club pasta, 16oz. $0.78

Food Club spaghetti sauce, 26oz-26.5oz $0.78

Nature's Own bread, 100% whole wheat $1.88

Valu T mac & cheese 3/$0.99

There is a $5 off 3 specific items coupon in the ad this week. The items include Mylicon, Children's Tylenol or Motrin, Desitin, Aveeno, Johnson's baby lotion, powder or wash and Carefree or Stayfree products.

I worked this at Brookshire's last week and partnered it with a $3/3 item from 9/14SS. I was able to get 1 Desitin and 2 baby powders for $1.

Monday, September 22, 2008

More free diapers from!!

I know I already posted about this survey company, but I am posting this again for two reasons. First, to tell you how awesome it is that I got another free thing of diapers in the mail last week and second, because I spoke to some of you who missed this offer the first time. So here it is, if you want to sign up click here. This is a great company. Although, it takes a bit of time to earn cash, you can get free stuff. For example I have been a member of for 3 months now and I have received two free things of diapers (Huggies and Pampers). All I have to do is try them on my child and then take a 10 min. survey and tell them what I think. Plus, I get paid for the survey. You can read my earlier post here or sign up for here.

Walgreens and Target

Sorry, there are not any grocery items I see news worthy in the Target ad this week, but if you have one nearby you might want to check out their clothing deals. I saw some great prices for toddler girls clothes. Too bad I don't have one near or I would have to go spend some of this money I've been saving by catching good deals ;)

Also, I did not get a Walgreens ad in my paper this week so if you did and you see some good deals shoot me an email and I will post them for everyone to see.

Fall is here. Now where's all the pumpkins?

My kids and I enjoy fall and with fall comes cool weather, colorful leaves and pumpkins! Since today is the first official day of fall I thought this would be an appropriate post. My kids and I want to go get some pumpkins in the next few weeks, but we don't want to go to Wal-Mart or Super One. We want to go to a real pumpkin patch where we can pick out and buy our own pumpkins. and take some adorable fall pictures of the girls. The only problem with this is that I have no idea where to go.

Do you have any ideas on where we can go to get the full pumpkin patch experience. Share your experiences on the ideal places to go. Thanks!