Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Albertsons Highlights - Oct. 22-28

Be sure to pick up Wednesday's edition of the Longview News Journal or Texarkana Gazette if you do not get this ad delivered to your home. As always Wal-Mart ad matches.

Blue Bell Ice cream, pint $0.88 (limit 2)

Birds Eye steamfresh veggies or rice $0.88
10/12SS $0.35/1
Final: $0.53

Hunt's spaghetti sauce $0.88

Pillsbury Cake Mix or brownies $0.88
9/7RP $0.40/1 reduced sugar cake mix or brownie
Final: $0.48

Campbell's cream condensed soups $0.88
10/5Campbells $0.40/2 Healthy Request or $0.40/2 Reduced Sodium
Final: $1.36/2

$0.88 Produce:
large slicing tomatoes
bunch of broccoli
gala apples
sweet potatoes
leaf lettuce
grape fruit
jumbo eggplant
winter squash

$1.88 produce:
2lb. bag of baby carrots
3lb. bag of onions
1lb. bag of peanuts

$2.88 produce:
3lb. bag of apples (Granny, Red or Gala)
5lb. bag of red potatoes
4lb. bag of oranges

Honey Nut Cheerios, 12.25oz. $1.88
$1 off here
Final: $0.88

Trix, 10.7oz $1.88
$0.55 off on sidebar gadget
Final: $1.33

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Anonymous said...

i'm on my 3rd box of trix cereal!!