Saturday, May 30, 2009

Closing Down

Thank you for the prayers during my morning sickness. I really appeciate everyone who checked up on me and asked me how I was doing. In the last few weeks I have begun to feel better, but have realized how precious my time is. During the 2-3 precious hours of my daughter's naptime I have so many things to do. When I don't nap with her :) I need to fold laundry, sweep floors and clean-out closets. With summer upon us and my other daughter being home full-time and the baby arriving in early September, I don't see myself having any more extra time. With that, I am sorry to say I will be officially closing down my blog. One day I might possibly start it back up, but it will be after much prayer about how to spend my time. Thank you for taking the time to come with me on this short journey of attempting to save money in East Texas. God Bless you and your families!

Saturday, January 31, 2009

I'm taking a break

Hi everyone! I'm sure by now you have all noticed that I have not posted lately. Well, the reason is morning sickness. Yes, that's right, my husband and I are expecting our 2nd/3rd child (Depends on how you count :) We are very excited, but I am also really sick! My husband is doing the grocery shopping for me and as of right now I can barely look at the sale ads without feeling quite ill.
Saying all this, I will be taking a break from blogging for a few weeks or even months (Please pray that God is gracious and I am not sick into my 7th month like I was with my first). I will be back as soon as I can enter Wal-Mart without gagging :) In the meantime, if you would like me to email you when Emily's Savings is back up and running please email me at or leave me a comment with your email address. You can also become a follower of the blog which will automatically send you all my posts.

Thank you for being patient and I will be back as soon as possible!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

No posts - Brookshire's Thursday Sale

Hey, sorry but I will not be posting any deals this week. Please do check out the Brookshire Mooonlight Madness deal Thursday. By combining these store coupons with manufacturer coupons you really can get some awesome deals. Check out here how I did last time they had one of these sales. Good Luck!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Albertsons Sale Highlights

There are a ton of items listed for $0.50. $1. $1.50, &2, but some only have pictures. Your cashier may or may not accept that. If you have a good cashier who lets you read them off to her than it should be fine.

Albertsons Milk $2.49

Potatoes, 10lb. bag $2.99

Kraft Mac & Cheese crackers 2/$4
1/11SS B1G1
Final: 2/$2

3 Day Sale:
Imperial Sugar, 4lb. $0.99

Kroger Sale Highlights

Milk, gallon $2.25 (Dallas ad)

Organic mini peeled carrots 10/$10

Kroger Country Sausage 10/$10

Kroger sour cream, 16oz. 10/$10

Romaine and leaf lettuce $0.99

Brookshire's Sale Highlights

Food Club shredded cheese, 8oz. 2/$3

Pillsbury Grands! Biscuits 10/$10
12/14SS $0.25/1
Final: $0.75 each

Hershey's 100 Calorie Bars 5/$10
1/4SS $0.75/1
Final: $1.25 each

Trident gum, 3pk 5/$10
12/7SS $1/1
Final: $1 each

Food Club brown or powdered sugar 10/$10

Top Care ibuprofen, 50ct. $1

Hormel Little Sizzlers 10/$10

Pilgrim's Pride whole chicken $0.67lb.

Food Club milk 2/$6

Food Club foam plates 10/$10

Super One Sale Highlights

Goldenbrook ice cream, gallon $3.47

Chicken drumsticks or thighs $0.67lb.

Super pack sirloin top steak $1.97lb.

15lb. bag russet potatoes $3.88

Food Club mac and cheese 3/$0.99

Plantation turkey breast $2.97lb.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

CVS Highlights - Jan. 11-17

I hate to say it but this week stinks!

The only weekly deal I am doing is Revlon B1G1. Make sure you scan your card for coupons. I was able to get $2 Revlon store coupon. I am going to combine that with $2/1 coupons in tomorrow's paper. Remember you can use two. Buy two things for $6 each and get them both free! There are also $1 coupons in 12/7 insert.

You can also get a deal on the Listerine monthly deal. Listerine Smart Rinse 8oz. $4.19 get $3ecb. Use $2/1 here and make $0.81 profit (limit 5)

Also, 2pk. of Glade scented oil refills are $5.49 get $2ecb. Use B1G1 from 12/7 insert. Pay $1.49 for 2 (limit 10)

Sorry, this is all I have for you this week. If you see something I missed let me know by commenting or email me at

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Albertsons Sale Highlights

Albertsons milk, half gallon 10/$10

John Morrell assorted pork chops, 10lb./$10

Large eggs, dozen 10/$10

Albertsons corn flakes, toasted oats, bran flakes, or frosted fruity 10/$10

Albertsons bread or buns 10/$10

Grands biscuits 10/$10
12/7SS $0.30/2
Final: $1.70/2

Brown sugar, 2lb. 10/$10

Kroger Sale Highlights

Milk, gallon $2.25 (Dallas paper)

California navel oranges, 4/$1

Navel oranges, 8lb. bag $3.88

Campbell's Chunky or Select Harvest soup 4/$5
1/4SS $0.50/2
Final: $2/2

Kroger large eggs 3/$4

Brookshire's Sale Highlights

Pilgrim's Pride skinless boneless chicken breast $1.79lb.

Russet potatoes, 10lb. $2.99

California navel oranges 2/$1

Arm & Hammer Essential cleaners, 32oz. $1.99
12/14SS $1/1
Final: $0.99

Super One - Awesome 3 Day Sale!!!

If you need chicken this is the week for you!

3 Day Sale:

Pilgrim's Pride boneless skinless chicken breast fillets, 3lb. $3.97

Pilgrim's Pride boneless skinless tenderloins, 3lb. $4.97

Grapefruit, 10lb. bag $3.98

Food Club biscuits 4/$0.88

Food Club hot sauce, 3oz. 4/$0.88

Food Club tomato sauce, 8oz. can 4/$0.88

Regular Sale Highlights:

Food Club milk, gallon $2.88

Food Club spaghetti sauce $0.78

Hunt's spaghetti sauce $0.88

Food Club saltine crackers $0.88

Sunday, January 4, 2009

CVS Highlights - Jan. 4-10

If you're new to CVSing or need help check out Money Saving Mom's tutorial here or here

Garnier Fructis Shampoo or styler - Get $2ecb wyb 1/$2.99
1/4SS or 12/7RP $1/1
Final: Free

Colgate Total toothpaste, 6oz. - Get $2ecb wyb 2/$5
$1.50 off here (Money Saving Mom posted this link so I think it's legit)
Final: Free with 2 coupons

Excedrin 100 +24ct. - Get $3ecb wyb 1/ $8.99
1/4SS $2/1 80ct. or larger
Final: $3.99

Glade plugins scented oil refill 2pk. - Get $2ecb wyb 1/$5.49
12/7RP B1G1(up to $5.49)
Final: $1.49 for 2

Speed Stick deodorant - Get $3ecb wyb 2/$6
1/4SS B1G1 (24/7 deodorant)
Final: Free wyb 2

Loreal B1G1 free
There are a bunch of coupons in 1/4 insert. Use two and you could get some things for free or almost free.

Aleve Heart Advantage 30ct. - Get $5ecb wyb $15 worth
1/4 $1; $2 here
Final: $4 for 3 if you get a hold of 3 coupons (2 computers)

Johnson & Johnson products - Get $10ecb wyb $20 worth
All kind of coupons in 1/4 insert or check for specific coupons
Also, in the coupon sheet from CVS or CVS Beauty book there are $3/1 Listerine Whitening pen also there are coupons that expired 12/28 in some insert that you can combine with this to make it a moneymaker.
Final: Buy 2 Listerine Whitening Pens for $4

Monthly Deals:

Children's Throat Cooler Ice Pops 6ct - Get $4.99 wyb 1/$4.99 (limit 5)
B1G1 here or 12/7SS B1G1
Final: Free plus $4.99 overage

NasoGel Drip Free gel spray 1.52 oz - $7.99ecb wyb 1/$7.99(limit 2)
$2/1 here
Final: Free plus $2 overage

Nutra Trim Weight Management chewing gum - $3.99ecb wyb 1/$3.99 (limit 3)
Final: Free

CVS Highlights coming soon!

I'm sorry I'm behind today. I will have the CVS highlights by tomorrow morning. I have a sick toddler and I've been lazy due to my birthday ;) I'll have them soon. Thanks for your patience.