Saturday, September 13, 2008

Free Diapers!!!!

Earlier this week, to my delight and surprise the UPS man stopped in front of my house. There is nothing like the pounding in your chest as he crosses the lawn....walks up the steps...and knocks on the already opening door. Isn't it grand! The excitement...the drama...the mystery. What could possibly be in the box. I drop the homework I am suppose to be correcting and rush to get a sharp object. What's in the package I ask myself? I take the bubble wrap out and happily discover...diapers. Not just any diapers, though, free diapers. One package of Huggies Supreme Natural Fit, size 4. The note inside said it is from, a survery company I signed up for a few months back. I did a survey for them a week ago on diapers and they asked me if I would be willing to try them on my child. I said "yes" as I always do, but usual do not get any response.

The note asked me to try them beginning today for my child and in 7 days they would send me a survey asking my opinion. What's better than this is that I will also get paid for this survey. So not only are the diapers free, but I am getting paid to try them out. You can't get better than that.

Although, diapers is what I am trying out, they send me surveys for other things, such as foods, drinks, skin care and hair care. The great news is you can sign up too.

If you want to check out you can click here to sign up.

Stay tuned and in the next few weeks I will share other survey companies that have been beneficial.

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Anonymous said...

i am a member of my survey and i also got the diaper deal! how fantastic is this!!!!