Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Kroger Sale Highlights Oct.22-28 - Free Tea and deodorant!!!

Be sure to pick up Wednesday's edition of the Longview News Journal or Dallas Morning News if you do not get these ads delivered to your home. As always, Wal-Mart ad matches.

Boneless chicken breast or breast tenders $1.69lb.

Hamburger Helper 10/$10
10/5 or 9/7GM $0.75/3
Final: $2.25 for 3

Kroger shredder or block cheese, 16oz. 2/$6

Red Seedless grapes 10lb./$10

Romaine lettuce 10/$10

Gala apples 10lb./$10

Pepperidge Farm Goldfish 10/$10

Kroger cottage cheese or sour cream, 16oz. 10/$10

Green giant frozen boxed veggies 10/$10
10/5GM or 9/7GM $0.25/1 or $0.50/2 boxed veggie
Final: $0.75 each

Value brand smoked or breakfast sausage 10/$10

Brut deodorant, 2.5oz 10/$10
9/21SS $1/1 brut product
Final: Free

Celestial Seasonings tea $1
10/5SS $1/1
Final: Free

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