Saturday, October 11, 2008

CVS Highlights Oct. 12-18

Mars Candy 2/$3
9/28RP $1/2 Mars or M&M's bagged candy; 10/12RP $1/2
Final: $1 a bag wyb 2

All Revlon face, eye. lip, nail or beauty tools
9/14SS $2/1; 9/14SS $1/1 beauty tool; 8/24SS $2/1; 10/12SS $1/1
Final: As low as $1 for two nail polishes when you use two coupons

Gatorade, Sobe or Propel - Get $2ecb wyb 5 (limit 1)
Final: 5/$2

All Detergent B1G1 ($7.50ea. $5.50 for two)
8/17RP $1/1; Check your past All You magazines for one
Final: As low as $5.50 for two with two coupons

Nestle Pure Life 24pk. water - Get $1ecb wyb 1/$4.49 (limit 5)
8/3RP $1/1
Final: $2.49

Campbell's Select Harvest soup 4/$5
10/5Campbell's $0.50/1; 9/14SS $0.50/1
Final: $1 each wyb 2

Swiffer Products - Get $5ecb wyb $10 (limit 1)
9/28PG Buy Swiffer Starter Kit get Swiffer Duster for free

Covergirl - Get $3ecb wyb $10 ($3.99 lip gloss & eye shadow; $5.99 lash blast) (limit 1)
There's an expired coupon for lip gloss B1G1 (P&G); 10/12 $1/1
Final: With coupon (1 B1G1 & 2 $1 off ) 3 lip glosses for $3

Skin Vitals Mask - Get $2ecb wyb 1/$2.99 (limit 5)
Final: $0.99

Dove - Get $3ecb wyb $10 select Caress & Dove products (limit 1)
$10/12RP $1.50 off shampoo, body wash or 2 deodorants

John Frieda - Get $5ecb wyb $15 (limit 1) (prices starting at $5.69)
8/24SS $3/, 10/22SS $1/1

Colgate Total - Get $2ecb wyb 1/$3.49 (limit 2)
9/28SS $0.75; Check your All You Magazines for $1.50 off; 10/12SS $1/1
Final: $0.74, Free , or $0.49

Tampax 40ct. with free Venus razor - Get $3ecb wyb 1/$5.99 (limit 1)
10/12RP $0.50/1
Final: $2.49

Always Infinity - Get $1ecb wyb 1/$3.99 (limit 5)
10/12 $2/1
Final: $1.99

These are the good deals I see. Let us know if you see something else.

Saturday Savings

Sorry, there's no picture this week. Not only is the battery dead on my camera, but with my baby and myself not feeling good it was all we could do to get the groceries put away.

There wasn't much to show this week anyway. I spent $38.20, but I mainly got necessities we were running out of. Things like flour, yeast (expensive!!), trash bags, juice, etc. However, I did get a few sale items like the Yoplait Whips, plums, and $0.75 cereal from Super One!! I also got 4 more Green Giant Steamers, 2 worcestershire sauces and 4 Kotex pads. Hopefully next week will go better.

How'd you do?

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Free Kotex Pads!!!

Click here for $1 off coupon for Kotex pads. Use this on Kotex pads priced at $1 at Wal-Mart. You can Print two.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Kroger Sale Highlights Oct.8-14

Driscoll's strawberries, 16oz. 2/$3

Boneless chicken breast or tenders $1.67lb.
Mission Fajita Grande four tortillas 10/$10

Kroger shredded cheese 3/$5

Hot pockets 3/$5
9/28RP $0.50/1; 8/24RP $0.75/1 Panini
Final: As low as $0.92 for Panini

Yoplait Yogurt, 4-6oz 10/$5
$0.60/3 Yoplait Whips on my sidebar gadget
Final: $0.90 for 3

Romaine Lettuce $0.97

Golden Delicious or fuji apples $0.97lb.

Pillsbury Grands or Hungry Jack biscuits 10/$10
10/5GM $0.30/2 or $0.50/2 on sidebar gadget
Final: As low as $1.50 for 2

Progresso Light soups 4/$5
10/5GM $0.50/2 or $1/3 here
Final: As low as $2.75 for 3 cans

Kroger salad dressing, 16oz. $0.99

Dannon Light & Fit, 4 pk. 2/$4
7/20SS $1/1
Final: $1

Albertsons Highlights - Oct. 8-14

Not such a great week at any of the stores this week. Here are the deals I saw, but I didn't find any great coupon match ups for this ad. Sorry, better shopping next week.

3 Day Sale:

Albertsons fresh boneless, skinless fryer breasts or tenders $1.68lb.

Red, Granny Smith or Gala apples 4lb./$5

6pk. bottles of Coke, Sprite or Dr. Pepper 4/$10

Michelina Dinner Entrees 2/$1

Hershey's Candy 7.6 - 22oz. $1.99

Regular Sale Highlights:

Prima peaches 4lbs./$5

Dreyer's or Edy's ice cream, half gallon 2/$5

Albertsons real cream topping, 7oz (aerosol) 10/$10

Albertsons brown sugar, 2lb. 10/$10

Albertsons flour, 5lb. 2/$3

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Brookshire's is Doubling and Tripling Coupons

From 4-10pm Thursday evening Brookshire's is having another Moonlight Madness Sale. During this sale there are a few items that will be on sale (nothing exceptional in my opinion), but they will also triple coupons up to $0.39 and double up to $0.50. Worth checking out!

3-Day Sale Highlights:

$4.99 Tyson boneless skinless 40oz. bag

Foster Farm chicken, 20 to 28oz bag $3.99
$1.50/2 on my sidebar gadget
Final: $6.48 for 2

Regular Sale Highlights:

$3.99 Pilgrim's Pride boneless skinless thighs, 3 lb. bag $3.99

Food Club jumbo biscuits, 8ct. $0.99

California strawberries 2/$4

GM cereal 2/$4
10/5 or 9/7GM $1/3 or various on sidebar gadget or several here or $1 off Honey Nut here
Final: As low as $1 on Honey Nut Cheerios

Sugar Tree red plums $0.99

Garden fresh lettuce $0.99

*There is a coupon in the circular for $3/2 adult Tylenol products*

Super One Highlights Oct. 8-14

General Mills (Total Whole Grain, Cheerios, Reese's or Cocoa Puffs) 2/$3
10/5 or 9/7GM $1/3 or their are a few on the sidebar gadget or more here
Final: As low as $.75 on Total

5lb. bag Red Delicious apples $3.88

3lb. bag onions 2/$3

5lb. bag of russet potatoes 2/$5

C&H sugar, 4lb. $1.48
8/17RP $0.35
Final: $1.13

Red Baron pizza 3/$9.99

Hillshire Farm Sausage $1.97
10/5 $1/2
Final: $2.94 for 2

More Green Giant Coupons!

You can print two more of these $1 coupons here. Select varieties of these are $1.23 at Wal-Mart. There were also $1 off coupons in this week's paper.

Walgreens is Coming to Town!!!

It's official!!! We're getting a Walgreen's here in Mount Pleasant. Walgreens has purchased Elliot Motors (used to be Cypress) on Ferguson. Once Elliott finishes the construction of their new dealership by the interstate, hopefully Walgreens will begin construction soon after. I can't wait to learn a new trade!

Thanks Jamie for the heads up!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Free samples!!!

Here are some great samples I found this week. Enjoy!

Kashi Cookie Sample here
Always Infinity Sample here
Kotex Pads sample here
Fiber One Honey Clusters Cereal and Oats & Chocolate bar here from
Ultra Gain with Baking Soda here
Plaxtex Sport here
GoodNights here

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Possible limit change on Always pads.

Today when I went to CVS in Mt. Pleasant and bought the Always Infinity pads that are free after ecbs. After I left the store I saw that my receipt did not say offer limit reached. I went back in the store and was able to get one more free. Maybe the limit has changed.

Let us know if you have any luck with this.