Saturday, September 13, 2008

Free Airborne Jr. and other great clearance deals at Wal-Mart

Clearance School supplies and clothes

Thursday at Wal-Mart they had awesome clearance deals. In the former school supply section, currently Halloween, there is a clearance section of school supplies. They are mostly 75% off. I found great deals for our 8-year-old.
Twistable 24ct. crayons $1.50
Hannah Montana pencil pouch $1.35
Stationary kit $0.90
Dry erase board $2
Two cute file boxes for storing all my CVS goodies $1.75
Cute dress for my 16-month-old $2
Check you Wal-Mart and see what you can find!

Free Airborne Jr.
In the medicine aisle at Wal-Mart there is an end cap that has clearance medicine. There I found free Airborne Jr. It was priced at $1.50 each.
9/7SS $2 any airborne formula or print $2 off here
Final: Free

There were also large bags of Halls, Robitussin and Chapstick.

One more deal I saw was a clearance section up front that had all kinds of Campbell's and Healthy choice soups priced from $.40-$0.75. Make sure you bring your coupons!

Did you find any clearance or just great deals this week?


Anonymous said...

i got the soups and 3 airbornes! i love endcaps! we should go shopping together someday :)

Emily Anne said...

Don't you love bargains. They make my day!